Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Gift for Christmas...

As we approach this amazing holiday of hope, and the birth of our redemption, there is so much to celebrate. No matter where we are in life, we are better off than the vast majority of those living in poverty and bondage in other parts of the world. And while stories of Santa and his elves make us feel jolly inside and out with the giving of gifts, cookies, shopping etc.; it is important that we remember what true joy really is. It is the hope of eternal life through God's son, who was born to this earth with a willingness to die for us. That is the only joy worth celebrating in my book.

I try amidst the clamor of our world to make my children realize that there is nothing important this Christmas season, or any season for that matter, but Jesus. He is our gift, our joy, our hope. And no man in a red suit can supply that for us. No one should outshine Jesus. He is my redeemer, the light of my life. He is the reason i am who i am today. And I am FAR from where i should be. But He is bringing me there a little at a time. Through my hardships, I find joy in him.

So, though i do love all the other fun stuff Christmas has to offer, I love the specials on TV and the decorations wherever i go. I have to be sure though to keep coming back to what has given me that joy. I have to remember that I have done nothing to earn it on my own. It was a gift. A gift that all started one starry night in a stable, when amidst sheep and sweet donkeys, our redeemer was born of a virgin named Mary. That is not just a fun story to read before bed. It is the truth of our salvation. Jesus' birth was the beginning of our great hope.

May you find that true peace in the gift of redemption this Christmas. It is the best gift you will ever get!
Merry Christmas from the Koby family.
And if you do not know our great redeemer, we would love to introduce you!


Ligia said...

Heather this was well expressed! I think it is important to teach our children the difference between make believe ie the man in the red suit and faith...Jesus.

Jaden loves the idea of Santa and I am ok with that...but my goal is to teach him that JESUS is our Lord. we are even having a birthday party for Jesus! Cupcakes and ALL!

Julie Shaw said...