Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beautiful Country of Ethiopia & It's People

Here are some pictures of Ethiopia and it's people. They were so amazing these people!
I can't possible describe every moment of our trip especially because right now I have NO time. But i wish i could. Every moment was a memory forever set in my heart. I did not feel this love for Russia when we were there to adopt Juli. But for some reason I feel as though i left a little piece of my heart in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. And I know in my heart that Addis Ababa has not seen the last of the Kobys!

A view of the city of Addis Ababa from our hotel.

Juli is wearing a palm crown because it was Palm Sunday while we were there and we were climbing Mount Entoto. At the top of this mountain was a church. Hundreds of people walk it by foot carrying piles of wood.

We finally reached the top of Mount Entoto. The altitude made this climb incredibly hard for me especially since we did not have a carriage for Juli so we had to carry her much of the way!

Juli waving her palms for Jesus...she learned all about Palm Sunday in church just the week before we left so this was a special occasion for her.
Homes built in the mountains of Entoto.
Juli and a little Ethiopian girl sizing each other up. Juli had just given her a lollipop.

Juli sitting in an actual throne that once belonged to a king in Ethiopia. We were at the museum at St. George Cathedral
St. George, the Patron Saint of Ethiopia.

St. George's Cathedral.
The Leper Hospital's marketplace.
Rush hour, Ethiopian style.

Beautiful Eyes.

The joyful people who sold their wares at the Leper Hospital.

A group of woman who were marching Mount Entoto singing John 3:16 in Amharic, the language of Ethiopia. It was such a beautiful sound.
Eric kicking a little Fuze Ball butt in Ethiopia.

This man weaved this beautiful scarf that i purchased and was glad to take a pic with me to remember him by.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures of our visit with Habtamu, his Dad and World Vision

Here are pictures of our day with Habtamu. Below is a post describing how amazing the day was for us.
Juli just glowed all day.

Habtamu and his Dad with us.

In the car shopping for his family. He just starred at us all day, he was so cute.

At lunch at Bole with World Vision staff / translators. We needed 2! One from English to Amharic the language of Ethiopia and then one from Amharic to the dialect of their village. There are hundreds of languages in Ethiopia which is one of the things that makes it hard to connect with people of remote areas.

Ethiopia hot, Coca Cola cool!

Juli and Habtamu sharing a motorcycle ride in the arcade.

Habtamu with the cross Eric gave him around his neck.
Saying goodbye!