Friday, March 30, 2012

The Tooth

Ok so i have to share the hilarious story of my tangled web of lies i have weaved....

The other evening Juli lost a tooth at AWANA. She put it under her pillow but i forgot. YES, I, the horrible mother forgot to be the tooth fairy.

Well the next morning Juli wakes up and says, "Mom the tooth fairy didn't come!" I must have looked shocked and I cannot tell if she knew i was caught or not but i immediately jumped to a lie and here it is. "Oh no, maybe she was on vacation!" And as she was getting dressed this is what i did. I wrote a note with my left hand that said, "Dear Juli, I am Samantha, your tooth fairy's cousin. She is away in Switzerland. She will visit you later. Love, Sam" Pathetic, I know. But i folded it up and sneaked into her room and put it in her shoe when she wasn't looking.

At breakfast she didn't bring it up so i thought maybe she had me figured out. But then when we got to school for drop off she says to me, (And this is how she read the note) "Mom i got a note in my shoe from my cousin Samantha's tooth fairy. She said that mine is in Switzerland and she will come tonight." Well at that moment i realized how ridiculous the whole thing was and just burst out laughing. I asked, "Are you sure you didn't dream that?"

So, to complete my tangled web i went to the store and bought Swiss Miss Cocoa Mix, Swiss Chocolate and a block of Swiss Cheese. I left these along with $3 under her pillow and a note that said, "Dear Juli, So sorry i was away in Switzerland working when you left me your tooth. Here are some treats i brought you from the land of the Swiss. Hope you like them. Thanks for the tooth. Love Mrs. T" I think it was the most unusual gift she has ever gotten. Eric said she loved the cheese and the next morning she was cracking up telling me all about it as she drank hot cocoa for breakfast.

Just another day in the wacky life of the Kobys. Hope you enjoyed the story.

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