Friday, February 27, 2009

A Walk to Beautiful

I know in my heart that adoption makes a difference in the lives of my children... a big one. But i don't often realize how big. Just going through every day life i forget to think about how different Juli's life would be if she were still in Russia. I highly doubt she would think she was a princess. That is for sure. In an orphanage there is probably little room for thinking of such a life.

I watched a documentary last night called A Walk to Beautiful. It was amazing. It was about Ethiopian women who suffer from Fistula, a condition brought on by a life of hard labor and child birth. After this happens to them they are shunned from their village like they are worthless. 

At first it made me wonder why God had not called me to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. I mean there are at least 100,000 women suffering from this life right now in ET alone. And probably every African nation has a population who does. But then after Eric and i were talking we thought perhaps it will be that we are called back there again in the future or to some other African nation. To do something to help, adoption or not. (Although adoption is a big possibility knowing my addiction to it)  :)

So, i looked into it and we are going to try to visit this Fistula hospital while we are there. Perhaps collect some donations for it. Oh how excited that makes me. It costs only $450 to give a woman a bed and surgery to heal her forever. To completely change her life. That is amazing. I cannot wait for this journey. It will be so full and rich with knowledge and the love of God for His people around the world. I want His heart. A heart for all the suffering throughout the world. Those people, like the women in this documentary, who have no voice. The orphan, the widow, the suffering. 
I want a bigger heart. One that aches for them like God's heart must ache for His suffering children. And a heart that rejoices as they see God's great glory in healing and love.

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