Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, as we get ready to go here are some pics.
First, me trying to use the baby sling. Karen, is this right? I used Juli's Baby Bethany. I wish a real baby was this light.
A Picture of some of the donations. The medical supplies couldn't even fit in the picture. LOL
Can the Great Eric the Magician get them all into 2 bags under 50 pounds each? And we still have all our stuff plus things for our World Vision boy and his family!
He mastered the food and medications...
And he did it Tada!!!!!  2 bags. You pet lovers will get a kick out of this... he brings the bags to the vet to weigh them on the dog scale to make sure they are not over 50 pounds! LOL The nurses there think it is so funny. 

Our total number is...
8 - bags 
3 - carry ons 
1 - Eric's computer
1 - 4 year old
and 1 stroller... 
(and a partridge in a pear tree)

Think we can handle it? We'll find out i guess.

Tomorrow morning and we're off!!!!!!!!!!

I will post again before we go to tell you what we are doing!

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