Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here in Dubai it is 11:45am and Julianna is still sleeping. She awoke last night around 2:30am...woke us all up and we were up playing and eating snacks for about an hour and a half. Her jet lag i guess.

Our flight was steady and as comfortable as 13 hours in one seat can be. We were able to snag the bulk head because since not all the arm rests go up there, people didn't want that section. They want 3 seats in a row that can become a couch to lay across. Our main concern was Juli sleeping, so about half way in, we make a bed for her on the floor at our feet using her sleeping bag which we brought (thank you for this AWESOME idea Marianna). She slept for about 4 hours there so that was a true blessing. The flight attendants were so sweet. They took pictures of her and gave her 5 puppets and a sack of toys to play with. They were sooooo nice. Emirates all the way!!! And Kyla and Bobbie you were right... they feed you constantly!

Once we landed, we discovered that one of our bags full of donations broke open during transit so we had to go take it to "costumer service" and they gave us a whole new suitcase! No charge!
Again...Go Emirates!

Finally, to the Hotel, delivered (Aunt Lora you'll love this) in a BMW 7 series car. The hotel is beautiful. There are pics below.  Our room overlooks the Arabian Sea and the Burj al Arab Hotel which looks like a giant sail sitting out in the sea.

Once we got settled into our room. Juli wanted to go right to the Wild Wadi Waterpark which is part of our hotel. So, that is what we did...exhausted of course. Because Eric and I did not sleep but more than about 20 minutes on the plane. It was such fun though and all the water in the waterpark was sooo warm and salt water. Interesting. 

Juli went down a lot of water slides and we went on one big family slide too which was so much fun!!! 

Once we got back to the room we took naps for about 3 hours before getting up to go to dinner. We got dressed and went down to one of the 25 restaurants in our hotel. This one was italian and close to our lobby. It was so funny to see their version of an Italian restaurant. The food was good, but not what we are used to.

After that we walked along the beach and took some pictures. Juli wanted Miss Arrie to know that we saw a green parrot flying around wild!!!! And he was as noisy and talkative as her birds and Pops was. So funny.

After this we scheduled a desert safari for tonight! We are going to ride through the desert in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and then BBQ traditional Arabian style in the desert, get to ride Camels, and watch a belly dance show. I can see Juli after she watches that. We are all in so much trouble. How much do you want bet she will want to be a belly dancer for halloween for the next 3 months. LOL

Well, today we are heading to the beach. So much fun! We'll tell you how the safari was!
Talk to you all soon!
Love, Eric, Heather, and Juli

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