Sunday, January 25, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies...

Today i had the opportunity to volunteer with my cousin Holly at Hudson Cradle. Let me tell you, if you love babies, DO THIS!!!!!! What a way to serve according to James 1:27... looking afters orphans in their distress. 

I got to spend 3 hours with babies who had many special needs and we got to hold them and play with them. And Holly even got to feed one of them! It was amazing. 

You can sign up to volunteer at or They only take 3 people at  a time so space  fills quickly. But if you love babies...sharon & arrie it! You will feel so blessed.

They also have a wish list of things that they need. It is posted here. If you want to donate any of these things you can either arrange to bring them right to them or i will take them there for you. So, bring them to me! 

Reflecting on my time there; i have found that since getting our referral for Elias i can't hold too many babies. I never used to be that way. Even when we were adopting Juli. But for some reason, this little boy is really wrenching my heart. I just have to HOLD BABIES!!!! It makes me think of him and how wonderful that day i get to hold him will be. Oh how i long for that day...Common' April!

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