Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poopy Diapers and the Letter J

Today was a great day for Julianna. She talked about bringing Elias into our family a lot today! She even said that though she will not change a poopy diaper, she will bring it to the garbage can for mommy as long as she uses one hand to hold her nose! 

We had dinner at the home of our wonderful friends the Thieringer's tonight. They gave Juli some special gifts. When she came home from Russia, they gave her this beautiful "J" that was adorned with pink ribbons and paint to hang on her door. So, this gift was a "J" for each holiday of Halloween, Easter, and Christmas!!!! She loved them. But When Arrie asked her if she should make a special "E" for Elias' door. She said no. I guess that is a gift that Juli sees as especially hers. 

I today heard an excerpt during my Ladies' Bible coffee clutch from the book we are reading,  I Second That Emotion, by Patsy Clairmont.  It went like this, "...we're in East Africa.  Members of the World Vision team, who assist children in 3rd world countries, introduced Rebecca to us. She had six children in her care. Three are hers and three belonged to her daughter, who is buried behind Rebecca's hut, a victim of AIDS. She is buried next to her sister, who died from AIDS the year before.
Rebecca's husband deserted his family, so the full responsibility rests on her shoulders. Her mud hut is empty, except for an unvented fire pit, sticks, a few thin throw rugs, a couple of blankets, and some hollowed gourds. 
From all i saw and heard, Rebecca's life had been severe, and her losses were continuing as she had just received word that her youngest grandchild, who is 3 years old, has AIDS and tuberculosis."

I will continue the purpose of this excerpt in a moment, but first i have to say that as this was read, tears came down my face. They came to me because i thought of Elias' mother. The one who gave birth to him. I felt such sadness for her. Was she in a situation just like this Rebecca and knew that if she kept him, his life would be one of struggle and sadness? How i grieve for this woman. I wish i could help her, tell her that i will love that little boy like no other. But instead i can only pray that God will reveal himself to her and show her His love and that He has an amazing purpose for her little baby's life. Oh how i wish and pray that for her.

But, back to the book. What was amazing about this woman was this... " Rebecca's life deserves a pity party. I would volunteer to throw it for her, but i didn't see even a trace of self pity from Rebecca. Instead, she didn't so much as release a note of Whine. In fact, she exuded joy. And if you've never seen the North Star's brilliance on a cloudless night, you would experience it on Rebecca's face every time she spoke the name 'Jesus'....We asked Rebecca what we could do for her, and she said, "I need nothing. I will pray for you." ...That's what it means to leave a legacy for for one's children and grandchildren. Demonstrate your faith in the midst of hardships."

I pray that i will leave a legacy like that for my family. One that is themed with faithfulness to the God who has ALWAYS been faithful to me.

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