Monday, January 26, 2009


Today i got a new bread machine for myself because i have been wanting one for quite some time and Heather V. inspired me with her amazing pizza the other night.

But, as i watched it do it's thing making my bread i began to realize how much we are just like a loaf of bread. Sounds silly but think about it... God takes all the things that happen in our lives. The big ones. The small ones. The good tasting ones. The bad tasting ones. And he needs us for what seems like forever. molding and shaping us and giving us love and care and warmth. And as He does, we begin to grow. To form into something beautiful only because of Him. Without all the work of His hand, we would be just a clump of all those things that happen. But those of us who have found Him are now reformed. A new creation. We can look back and say, "wow! Look what He made of me. I thought i would wind up one way, but God had a bigger plan. A more beautiful plan. One that made me something i never could have been on my own."
He is amazing. I thank Him for His goodness and His grace.

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