Friday, January 16, 2009

You think it was cold today...

Today was very cold! I was chilled the entire day through. I even used the butt warmer in my car seat which i usually hate because it's a little too toasty for me. But just a i mentioned below in my list of random Koby facts. When we were in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia (pictured above from our hotel room) to adopt Julianna, the temperature was 45 degrees below ZERO! Eric swears it was even lower than that. As we drove to the airport to leave back toward Moscow, the car began to stall because the diesel fuel was actually freezing. And they have an average of 4 hours of daylight in the winter months.

So, though i sit here at my desk with a chill in me. I remember a couple things. First, it is always colder somewhere else. And i remember how the people there, though it was freezing outside kept the inside a steady 75 to 80 degrees. So, body odor was always in the air somewhere.  I think i will just put on a sweater and deal with it. Ahh the memories. 

Good Night.

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