Saturday, January 17, 2009

It was a Cold day for Lemon Meringue Pie

 I just got home from a great day with my little family, which won't be so little for long. :) We took a drive today to one of the restaurants that i used to go to with my mom when she was alive. She had always had this knack for finding odd yet great places to eat. I think it is partly why i LOVE to eat out and am such a foody. The place we chose for today was Elias Cole in Colesville, NJ. It is a little hole in the wall place that looks as if Hansel and Gretel once resided there. The food is pretty good, but the highlight for me was 2 fold. They have sandwiches on home made bread and serve the best lemon meringue pie i have ever had. We had decided to go there the other day when Juli and i were watching a kids show on TV and they were talking about lemon meringue pie. She had never heard of it and so i told her we would go to the place that makes the best! I also thought it would be fun to go since the name of the place is "Elias" Cole. LOL

Well, after having been out on a great day i came home and Eric has been out salting the driveway which is becoming quite slippery in the later hours of the day. So, of course i am again thinking about the weather. Wondering what the actual temperature was today, i flip over too my Mac's (not my dog, my computer) dashboard and look onto my weather widget. Today was 13 degrees. But what is funny about my dashboard is that i have 4 weather widgets on here, with a clock to match each. These four clocks represent the 4 places in the world that are most important to me. You see they say home is where your heart is. Well, my heart is or has been in 4 different parts of the earth. One for where myself and my little family is living right now, New Jersey U.S.A. One for Krasnoyarsk, Russia where Julianna Faith is from. One for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where Elias James is right now. And one for Beijing, China where our little Aimee Grace will come from in a year or two from now. So i have the weather and a clock for each place. Curious to know? Well...
New Jersey is @ 8:00 pm,12 degrees
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is @ 4:00 am, 54 degrees
Krasnoyarsk, Russia is @ 8:00 am, 0 degrees (yes i did mean zero)
Beijing, China is @ 9:00 am 18 degrees

Hmmmm, Ethiopia sounds so nice right now. Think i'll go there soon for a little trip. What do you think?

Oh and by the way, yes i did watch 20/20 last night and see that an Ethiopia air ways jet crashed in the Indian Ocean killing 125 people in 1996 after being high jacked. Did you?! They mentioned it while talking about the Hudson river crash. Ok, I'm gonna go pray some more now. Because like i mentioned in the post on 25 crazy facts about us Kobys, I HATE TO FLY!

Have a Great Night!

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