Friday, January 16, 2009

So, About us Koby's...

Well, I was reading Patsy Clairmont's blog today at the suggestion of my awesome girlfriend Sharon and she had on there a list of random things about herself. Now don't get me wrong, mine will be no where near as exciting. But i thought i would create a crazy list of random things about us Kobys; Eric, Juli, and myself. 

So, here goes...
1.  I will only eat popcorn when it is mixed with Goobers.
2.  We have a 3 legged dog. (Jax is pictured above during nap time)
3.  I make wedding cakes as a "side thing".
4.  Juli makes our dog Mac sit with her while she sits on the potty so she can have someone to talk to.
5.  Eric proposed to me at a country line dancing bar.
6.  The only bottled drink i will drink is Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea.
7.  I tend to talk to myself but pretend i am talking to my dogs.
8.  We put up 4.5 Christmas trees every year.
9.  We feed the deer in our back yard carrots and apples.
10. At night i share my bed with my husband, 2 very big dogs, and 3 cats. I don't get much room.
11. Eric bites his nails.
12. My childhood nickname was Bunkie Doodle given to me by my aunt.
13. Eric and I hate the sand.
14. Juli's favorite food is ribs.
15. Juli and I eat our macaroni and cheese with a dollop of applesauce in the middle.
16. Juli is 100% Siberian, Russian.
17. We have traveled to a far end of the earth where the temperature is 45 below.
18. Our dog Mac will will throw a ball back to you while playing catch.
19. I have a fear of flying. Yet God has taken my life half way across the world for my daughter.
20. My cat had anxiety and licked himself bald once, except for his head, feet, and a mohawk   down his back.
21. Michael Crichton is my favorite author.
22. I love my new minivan so much that i could sleep in it.
23. As a child i had a pony of my own named Princess.
24. Eric loves Kentucky Derby Pie.
25. I LOVE Desserts.
26. My 2 favorite shows are LOST and Murder She Wrote. LOL be able to have such a rich life that I can enjoy these simple things. I am amazed. The funniest part of it is that many of these things often drive me crazy, either about myself or one of the "others". LOL Yet when i sit and compile this list, they are all so a part of who i am and what my life is. I wouldn't trade my life for the world any day. God gave me everything and just what i need.

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