Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Beautiful Heifer.

I received the best picture today. This is our sponsor child Habtamu. He lives a 2 day's journey outside of Addis Ababa Ethiopia where we will be going for Elias. 

We gave him this cow in the picture for Christmas. Look at that smile. Who would have thought that a cow could bring such joy to a child! In his letter he told us that "she is one beautiful heifer" and that his family is excited because they will be able to have fresh milk as soon as it is big enough to have a baby. So cool. Oh how i love this child.

A skinny cow for a skinny kid. They are precious.

Thank you God that we are able to bring joy like that to someone. Especially someone as cute as him!

We can't wait to meet him in April. I will have to give him the biggest hug. I hope he won't mind. :)

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