Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcoming an Orphan

As our family embarks on the final leg or our journey to bring home our son, i have a mission for you.

Elias was once called an orphan by the world. But he is no longer. We are now honored to call him our son. And Juli is super happy to call him her baby brother.

But there are millions upon millions of children in this world who remain orphans. Exactly, there are 210 million according to UNICEF. I cannot even fathom that number. 

A friend of ours who was our family coordinator during Juli's adoption told us about an amazing organization that she volunteers with. It is an orphan hosting program called New Horizons. It is amazing. You can sponsor an orphan from Latvia, Russia, or Ukraine to come live with you for the summer. And while they are here, perhaps you or someone you know will find it in their heart to adopt them.

Please, watch the video below. I hope God is calling you to look into this today. There is not much time, so really think about it. You can have a life changing effect on a child by doing this. They will actually see what it is like to have a family. I know i take that for granted, but i guarantee they don't.

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