Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reflection Time

As i look back at yesterday i am overwhelmed by so many things. 

First by my own ability to feel so emotionally exhausted. I have never experienced that quite that way before. I was sooooo tired at the end of the day. Really, i was shot by 3pm. I remember just wanting to go to bed so badly. It was like jet lag. Guess i'll be feeling that soon as well....wonderful. 

I was also amazed at my friends. The overwhelming number of well wishes. The reaction of my girlfriends who were with me at Bible Study when i got the call. The hug from Holly when i saw her. It all felt so wonderful and i felt so amazingly loved.
I just knew at that moment how many people were in this with us. It was very humbling.

I now feel such relief and weight lifted off of my heart. And it has been replaced with pure joy. Nothing can go wrong today. It is my day of rejoicing. Truly.

I also went to the grocery store today to get nonperishable packable foods to bring for Juli. I went a bit crazy and get this... I'm not even done yet! I think i outdid myself...what do you think? LOL

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