Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sir CrackerJax...

Ok, so this post is not about our adoption at all! But i do have to take a moment to thank the good Lord for my lack of memory. That is right my friends. For once i am thankful for my forgetfulness. 

First off i will mention that Juli and I have finalized our 3 legged dog's name...finally. Thanks to our friend Miss Arrie, his name is officially Sir CrackerJax. How cute is that?! The name he had when we rescued him was and has been Sir Jax. But Arrie called him cracker jax today and it has stuck. Especially since Mac's unofficial full name is Mac-a-roni. Now they are both named after a food product. LOL (Auntie, you should love this name! One of your favorite snack foods.)

Ok, so back to the forgetfulness thing. I'm surprised i remembered...

Well, the other day i took Sir CrackerJax to the vet and while i was there i mentioned that i had forgotten to give him his Heart Worm Preventative pill for the past 3 months. Now up here in the cold north that is usually not a big deal, but they like to take a blood test anyway before we put him back on it just as a precaution. So they did this.

He has Heart Worm!!!!! I was shocked. Thinking i was the cause because i had forgotten to give him the meds. That he somehow got that dreadful mosquito bite on one of those randomly warm days we have had this winter season. I felt terrible! My poor boy, he has already been through so much. Well, as it turns out, he got bit at least 6 months ago. It takes about 6 months for the disease to show up in a blood test and he had been tested back in September. So... I didn't do it! That was the first relief for me. Secondly, if i had not forgotten to give him the pill, he would have gone another 6 months at least before getting the test again as they do it annually at best. This means the disease would have been getting worse over that time and eventually he would have begun to show symptoms which is not good. 

Now we will be able to treat it right away in stage one. Where he hopefully will heal easily and quickly. Thank God for these events. I just love this big guy so much and want him to thrive in his new life with us. So that he does not hurt ever again. (He was not treated well by his previous owners and was taken from them. They are also the reason he has only 3 legs.)

The treatment will be tough. He needs a series of injections in his back that will cause soreness. And his activity level must be very excitment! Otherwise the worms could travel through his blood stream and cause a clot. Deadly!

Well, God is a good God and He is taking good care of His little creature Sir CrackerJax. We are so grateful for him.

Have a great day!

"Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young - a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty, my King and my God."  Psalm 84:3

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