Monday, March 23, 2009

Ethiopian Feast

On Friday night we went out to dinner with our great friends Kyla, Bobby, and their new son David Shashigo. They recently came home with him from Ethiopia and he is just a peach! 
The interesting part is that we went to an Ethiopian restaurant. 

The food was actually very good. I ordered the shrimp tibs. Now, they do have tibs in Ethiopia, but i doubt since it is a land locked, third world country that they will have shrimp. I just couldn't help myself though. I love shrimp. And so did Juli. We'll see how she likes the food when we are actually there. I imagine this will be one of our biggest issues. Therefore i intend to bring TONS of dried food that can be made there for her such as oatmeal, Mac and cheese, Ramen noodles. It should be interesting.

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