Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 2...

Is it day 2, really? I don't know if it should be 2 or 1 since on Wednesday we will find out the result. Oh well, that is why i am posting the picture of many numbers.  

I right now just feel so privileged to be where I am. The God of mercy loves us so much. 
This verse was given on our Adoption Agency's blog tonight...
"Now then stand and see this great thing which the Lord is about to do before your eyes." 
1 Samuel 12:16 

I do see it. Some of it anyway. Because i know He has so much more in store for me yet! I can't help but be amazed at the wonders of His hand and what He has done in my life. My beautiful daughter and the great gift that she is to us amazes me. Where He has brought me from and where I am going. And I know what is ahead is even more beautiful. Whether it will always be happy or sometimes sad. It is all beautiful because it is part of His plan for us.

Our friends on our adoption Yahoo group have court as i write this and Kristen had the most beautiful thing to say regarding their court decision. She said "You all give me so much courage and hope. Whether our hearts break tomorrow or leap like they have never leapt before, this much we can be sure of: the ground beneath us will be solid, and His peace will guard our minds and our hearts as we live in Christ Jesus." 

Isn't that so well put?! I am thankful for those words. And i am thankful for the courage and hope i have from my good friends and family. I feel it constantly. 

God is so good and He has the perfect plan in the perfect timing. 

I am at peace for tomorrow. Still worried of course, but at peace. 
One more entry ahead...the verdict.

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